-girl-, I am on train to Brooklyn,
accordion and tunnels
we don’t text often
desire on my eyes to burn your skin
What you want me to do?
Later I’ll be doing something else
I am divorce, I did not live for her
I want to do many things now
The next stop is Lorimer, then
I transfer to Metropolitan

What do I mean?
I really dislike
The fact that you love me
this is really the real deal
I am almost thirty two

I better go outt of town
sometime, but now
I have to go home

I cleaned the floor of the kitchen
I put some weird chicken from the freezer in the oven

I ate as fast as I could
My bedroom is now a place to work as what I have claimed to be
This “myth” of me

I started a drawing about my routine
My repetitive daily life

I want to travel all North America
I want to travel all Latin America
I want to go to Europe not as a tourist but as an artist

It is true:
I have to proliferate in my poetry
I need to create more than them
I need to start thinking about
what I am going to do after the full scholarship at NYU

Honestly, I feel bad, I haven’t read that many 1,000,000 books in my life

I don’t have a book published
I haven’t seen my entire family for long
I don’t have a lover to love
How can extract the fire inside of me?


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