TANKA 1 — 短歌 (一つ)

TANKA 1 — 短歌 (一つ)

I wo͝od like to rīt
one pōˈetik screenplay
I wänt to do it today
drink tea in a room for rite
and keep going to Broadway

I nevər get hī
I open a lot of mail
mābē coz I’m male
I always sā to you “hi”,
big city on a small scale

Thus, my mastermind
can eat the hōl green apple
I don’t really mind
if there are awkward people
watching me with my couple

she is Dulcinea
she kisses me a lot of times
she is my apnea
she kills for me, I hāt crimes
plēz sit, I’ll giv you my rimes

Love, tāk it easy
be calm, breTH, hīd the sharp knife
you are, the grēzē
woman from my daily life.
Certainly, bee as a wife.



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