When I had no smile I pulled
my two cheeks. When I had no hands
I kept walking towards the sun

When the orange acid fruit disappeared
into the ocean I swallowed it with salt water
When I was disoriented I never pamper myself

When my nemesis reminded me my errors I avoided him
When he admired me I invited him to the Fellini Film Cafe

When I got divorce from Olivia Nevarez I stayed at the Pearl apartment on Yandell street and she left pregnant from Ramon Alvarado to raise a beautiful kid

When the nurse asked for the father I said that he was the biological father and I was the dunkey that comes after her as the legal father

When she came into my bedroom crying and she said that she was pregnant I knew that my life would not be the same

When I married her at El Paso, everything was a fun game til she left to raise her baby. When I was young, wild and free I bought me a synthetizer and I went back home to Juarez to play with Peccata Minuta.


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