I can’t see myself

The longest endurance of liquidness,

or when the window pops out of my mind

at night, our compromise becomes a third dream,

I am inside of a drawn circle on the floor where the blood moon fits with light

Yes, this is me, a frenetic prizefight of resistance,

a wheel that spins to return,

but I must fly to another island

and catch the falling feathers

only on the top roof. The ocean and a river

cuddle, incredible sight-white clouds.

I go to my imaginary street skateboards,

moving so able and happy that these imbeciles who turn away from my life, the jump from one continent to another, it goes a little of me in you, in you, inside of you.

Inevitable sex; but not enough, I want more of you, that body of yours distracts me. Every time you cross your legs, and I know whom you are while you hold the seeds, nests, fish and sharks

I stand on the wooden pier of Battery Park

while my parents take pictures of the full moon

upper sky of Brooklyn looking east,

but I turn around and I see the Hudson,

       I see the purple river and

I think for myself, this not feels like an evening,

it definitely feels more like the morning dawn

I want to be here alone at 5:00 or 6:00 a.m.

Turn off the light =: time to go to bed, a Sultan bed,

you can’t do everything tonight

People soon will be in the sofa, in the living room. Strange

females wanting it all…

These girls are traveling together, they are staying here, the night promises nothing, but you can always go up the stairs of stars.

I might be sad when you two leave, second time you came for me.

I can’t see myself. I am not the same, and most of you all are wrong about me. I will cut some flowers, and put them in the graveyard. I don’t have any choice only to keep heavy-duty.

The only think that matters are my secrets, sea crets and sex cretinism.



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