While I dreaming about the mystery,
you are an actress of your own life.
When I wake up, I realize that everyone that appears in my dream as actors

We are not living a life, we are acting.
All these emotions are roles that are there for us. Our mind control us

The war is not over. It is getting worse. Freedom of speech will not be tolerated by them. This poem could be erase by wordpress or blocked in Mexico.

When they catch us, immediately they are going to wipe our asses out of earth. As a result, censorship is a cataclysm.

To be honest I am sitting on a toilet,
or waiting for the baroque machine, or typing one poem a day, and so I am almost naked in Green Village in a four story floor building. When I emancipate, I will stand up. While I think how to fill in the blank, I heard voices and sounds of doors and steps.



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