My hand is a tornado
raising out the skeleton that I carry on with water
Her … water …
I believe that every time I try to give an advice, it is not for me, it is for a third person
I didn’t expect intelligent people to letting me down the river, I can’t drown, but I suffer on avenues and streets when I wait till I get dry
I am my own children kept under my age but it is not possible in this place
I haven’t break the ladder of my loft elevated bed, so that proves how mature I am
Wake up sir, finish what you have starter before the smell comes to the nose
I have been remembering a lot of things about my life: memory and desert
I spent a couples of hours reading elegies and sleeping dead dreams on a couch while my grandma and mother prays for me, they make me feel very lucky and reminds me of how much love can be given to a irresponsible imaginary poet that hates to be hated
Please, come sit on here
where you can see the stars
or make a couple of dollars over there in that corner
I should have wrote that undo typing is always an option
You got a lighter? I smoke my problems without alcohol at 2AM
I should hide from my parents again, so I can cry alone
When I was not even born, I was not necessarily nothing
When I died in this life, I did not even notice that I came back to the same place. Now I am here, stock in these verses.


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