The coyote that
I know. Doesn’t care about
my life. He is quiet and

smart. He does not care
about your life either. He
just wants your money

He is quite. Your
son clings on your shoulder when
he gets tired. Then, your daugh-

ter is firstly in water
intake. We saved it for days.
But we were thirsty too. We

crouched like in the World
Cup soccer final game. We
were very very

exhausted with our
tongues hanging out from our
open mouths as if

xoloitzcuintles and
Techichis were attacked
by eagles, magpies,

and hawks. We were lost
in the desert with-
out dessert heading

towards my parents.
There is a lot of silence:
yet, I can hear my

brain beat. Coyote
disappeared, from our
professional nose

This is how I lost
them. My body was going
away from my mind

I was not breathing
I was hungry and angry
at the world. I fell

in disgrace. Even
the wind was silence,
and into the night

I saw the stars when
rodents were eating brown skin:
die down the mountain.




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