My heart is pumping

the same blood as you now you do 2

in this twilight, I lied down on the sofa bed

most of the entire day

I saw the sundown through an open window

while listening to poetry from the speakers

because today is your birthday

the birthday of my life 2

There will be love, dreams and good nights

when looking at a tree you planted with Sebastian

I could have read any book today, but the light is enough

when the darkness disappears

when I switch on the Don Julio lamp

water, water, water is my salvation;

give me 2 shots of water, water, water is my redemption

The sea is an hour far ago, I am starving sea

my balls are empty now, my bottles I meant

wait!!! I have a last name: Ulloa,

yeah!!! my father will cry if I change it

My heart is pumping

the same love do you 2

I want a lot of different things; I do not where to start

look! there is one outstanding star,

you are my mother

I want scrambled eggs with ham, where is the ketchup?

I already washed my hands

the day of your birth,

Mamalicha was at the pink small house in the ranch

near the river where you were washing your hands,

maybe a few times, near the river where you clung

your clothes to a tree in the memories

Right now, I am in vacations

You are so lovely in your fifties

and now I do my own laundry

and now I go for grocery shopping

I am an adult, I do all right

sometimes I am wrong, but who cares?

I am proud of my mustache

My day consist of nothingness

I will spend some time in this bedroom

in the middle of this summer,

I don’t have pets, only strangers’ shadows

maybe tomorrow, I will reread the manuscripts of Whitman

not the original, of course not. The Blue Book, it was good

our encounter, Walt and me, it is like having a telescopic

approach to the work of Ginsberg. By the way,

I am very thankful for your entire patient with me

I was not the perfect son, but at least I can try hard

When the winter was obviously cold in the desert,

you were my protector against shock

 you put me in the clan right in the border

The Wall by Pink Floyd

The Wall by imaginary boundaries, it was strange to see IT always there

I never understood why I could not go with you and my father for shopping

to El Paso, Texas, right across the river, close to the edge

I felt detested by The Wall. The Wall, The Wall Mart? wtf? Get out Adam!

Do you want to go to see the New Statue of liberty that I gave to the States?

It was a gift that I made for them. But I know you,

 You won’t like it. OK! OK! OK!

in a shitty museum, you can see IT, one day

Do you want to know how it looks like?

It is called: YOU GAVE ME FREEDOM,

do you want to know about the leitmotif ?

It is you Mom! but naked holding the torch…



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