Allāhu Akbar

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I could not get any sleep

Through all the last weekend,

By the way, all the criminals stopped killing Palestine children

Up on Bedford Avenue one of the flourished orthodox sidewalk of August

Asked me for help and invited me to step into

A mannequin head of a woman in a box on an single bed

I went inside their house to turn their air conditioner off

I went inside their house to turn the lights off

I refused the water, I asked them for tequila instead, but then I laughed

After all, I needed shampoo and body soap at the corner Deli,

I was in horror when I walked as solitary as any black cat at the moon;

For any five, three, eight steps I was collapsing, the impalpable soul

I was disoriented; I felt as if I were misplaced between two countries

As I’d always had even between centuries

And why should I have agonized in a glass of water with ice

When underneath your skirt, a delightful temptation

Asked me for a rebel music revolution in ancient civilizations


Hitherto, there have been

Real movements in the Death Valley,

When I turned back,

I found myself stock in an island of humans from the world


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