¿Can you see all her branches?

2013-10-13 18.57.31


loved, lightfoot, so apparently loved:

Some of us must starve in order to be seen

-Carol Muske -Dukes.


Her body is like pyramidal boo-boo

About to get undress from nature!

She is alive, in transcendence

With language of countryside,

Her extremities are lifeless.


She is a fiasco portrayed

On a sheet of paper

Look at her; she is naked

Standing on her on two feet

Living without having to ask you


For your help. She learned that and more,

She has been out here by herself.

A tree grows at the other side of the earth!

¿Can you see all her branches?

Up side down into the atmosphere!


She gets up every morning to give you air!

You don’t have to watch porn if you want to know

How to make babies. She is waiting for you now,

She wants you so madly, she is craving for you

But this is just the computer screen.


Smell her, she is a flower

Without petals in the ground living dry from water

She said, “I still love you”, when you left her alone

Do not go away, put her in a place where the sun shines

Do not be rude, give her a kiss so the thorns stings your


Big mouth. Now you cannot be a stupid liar anymore

Keep in mind that she knows everything about you.

And so on, the wind is pulling her up

by the arms, so rebellion and disobedience is what



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