I made a lot of mistakes

The moon saw how I escaped from my hometown

To one of many biggest metropolis

And I did not find honey in either

I moved to a ghetto in Mixcoac

I identified myself as a person

Who has no castle in India?

I started following other rules

I stopped having artificial rituals since I was a teenager

At the Church in Fraccionamiento Cordova

I left all my different age stages friends behind

I have always been a pariah


The enigma

The city

And my madness increased with Mezcal,

A maguey native to México

My country under green,

White, red dictatorship

I should be sad

My people do not need that excrement with blood

I cannot pass that this happen over again.

They must stop eating cows in tortillas

Lie on the grass and read the magazine Proceso

We need to be as dangerous as earthquakes

We cannot sleep under the their foundation of morality

And ethics.

I prefer to eat clouds and soil than

Buying NAFTA products.


That speech by the temporal resident

Is the failure of a country itself?

Hate is what is going to put down the system

War and drums

I want to be very far from Mexican land

How is that?

Express myself from Europe, Europe, Europe

First world no matter what?

With inclemency we fight back

Narcoland fall.


2 comentarios en “CRIMINAL BACKGROUND

  1. A powerful poem! We met you at Wildacres. We are going to Mexico tomorrow, San Miguel, Guanajuato. Hope to see you again. (I asked you to read a Spanish poem there, then missed it!) Stan Allen New Bern, NC

    Me gusta


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