Years of living right on the edge

Close to the Rio Grande or Rio Bravo

(it is basically the same thing)

But one has clear water

And it is not in our side



I never found a good pay job

And that’s where I lost faith

In only one day. I lose myself

That night shift.


There is no twice in life

A father like mine

¿Why I am not a father like mine?

First, I need to find a wife.


Don’t envy the lament of a real man

Soon my dear, soon

I will scape the wonderful world

But, before I do turn myself

Into the piece of peace

I will touch the skin of our children


Never say goodbye

To the mother of the offspring

Even if I haven’t given her a ring

And I lack empathy and I am unemployed


Although my children have not born yet

In the womb of the beloved, where else?

There is a candle waiting for darkness

Or a rotten apple in the corner of the dormitory


Open the arms and fly

To open the cloudy sky

Jump from the window

And cry


Come on love me baby burlesk

How happy would be to be a father


Than sleeping on       chair desk


Children that holds my two sinner hands

Hope is the only thing in the borderlands.


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