The Border

the Other Side,

On the banks of Rio Bravo, my feet reach the limit

nobody is there to chat with me

an officer’s truck, watching the line

Maquiladoras are going like swallows

Someone ran over a dog, and dies

The gas station is near, I go and buy some Chipotles

in the corner I think they’re selling hot dogs.

Waiting for the bus while I chew a chewing gum.

A small vortex is formed in the vacant lot.



The Border,

the other side

transvisible the wall between two sister cities

the alarm clock and wake my dreams

and I get up from the carpet

I prepare scrambled eggs

with bacon and toast

listening to MTV

the street is not what it used to, they never are

the park where we play

is no longer open to us

Maybe they think we’re drug addicts

but we just want to play


The Border,

the other side,

a broken photo there where there is a wilderness inhabited

women screaming, asking for help

and us, watching the TV.



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