I don’t like close-places,

Walls surround me

In the apartment, high ceilings

Nobody to talk or love

I am about to remain in one place in the air

This is not a suicidal attend

I just want to fly alive

And away from my head


I want to be born again

Without any debt

Silent thoughts

Silent thoughts

Silent thoughts

I am looking for you

Silent thoughts

Around the place

My stuffy nose is driving me…



I can hear my heartbeat in the floor

When I count 1, 2, 3, 4

With my feet,


Maybe I should go outside

Find an open mic

Ride my bike

Go running

I do not know how to live in a free world

Without free food

Without free love


Or I’m being lazy

Actually I am naked

Or does it matter if you hate me?

Because I’m not a rock!!!

Even rocks have vibrations

And I am losing weight each time.


We never heal

We poets know

What readers think?

What readers feel?

There is a bullet inside my head

Since I was a singer in the band

Since I was a sinner in the desert ranch


And I am resting on this green couch now

Or Ulloa is typing a poem a day?

I wish I could go beyond the page

I wish I were the sun that burns your skin


And breathe the rare

And go overseas with an expire visa

And that’s me?

A girl who fell from the rooftop

Not a suicidal attend

She was dancing like a flower

Or a burning star in the galaxy


I don’t want to be alone

I don’t like close-places,

I believe in a female God

I hate a masculine God

The world is female

The world created me.


Publicado en JOY


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