You are in your own feet, here and endlessly.

This day should be called “Effort day”,

Now I have anyway drink a non-alcoholic beer

And on my arms I carry the wonderful world

Far from the flowers

My middle finger rises like the sun.


I found fear and anxiety in those books when I read them

Even if by some reason I would have been the antagonist.

You know, I wouldn’t kill a fly in my tortilla de harina

Question word? The issue is that I must be a rhymester


I have to do math, count syllables, and look

For ending words? That’s too much work!

I have to ignore that, I have to do laundry, draw and paint,

Record some voices and play the synthesizer,

Wash the dishes, sweep and mop, read books, go running,

Go swimming, ride my bicycle, continue yoga,

Find a place to meditate, keep vegan, cook for myself,

Appear in classes, do the homework, plan Spanish classes,

Teach at 8:00 A.M.? They killed me again!


And the most difficult, find a wife that can say, “Yes”.

Everything has to be perfect, and I have to improve my

Second language; I am tired of making grammatical errors, mistakes!

I just want to win the lottery! And make people happy!

But how can I be lucky?

(Work harder my dear, work harder, and work, ha!).

But I am not new pork in the city!


I should get away from the storm

Feel safe,

Eat a carrot hot dog that is free of gluten

I should wear black tie when I lack of time

Wear a nice coat

While I surf in Rockaway Beach listening to The Ramones

Hide my poems in the wooden trunk

Go back to my office in the Department of Spanish at NYU

On 13-19 University Place

I should be ready for any relax intellectual discussion


Am I a poet?

When was the first day I became one of them?

Is this poetry?

Take me serious, I am a man.

I have been typing before I get published

For over the world, and I vaguely smile,

Trees will be cut down and transform into poetry?

So, you can read for an hour or two my poetry?

I need to take a break,

I can’t type an epic poem on this matter.

Am I a man or a future father?

My hands all over the place,

Yes! Yes! I know.


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