DECOLONIAL INVENTORY: impressionism to indocumentados

FullSizeRender (1)

3 elegant women on

the boat painted by Monet;

The impressionism to

the natural philosophy

The inaccessible cosmos is always

a chaotic phenomenon

The exhausts and

the caprice; ignores

national boundaries

The militarized border

The imperial consciousness

The plethora and

the starvation; give us

a green card

The underprivileged and

the gorgeous;

The building of

a higher wall, without consent, right before us

The helpless and

the hurtful;

The beauty and

the beast; usually they don’t dance together

The photography and

the modernist art (I mix them randomly)

The son and

the contaminated environment; going to his father’s

The clean and

the dirty; in that dirty water

The deported and

the tourist;

gaps between two worlds

The sorrows and

the happily ignorant;

they never laugh together

The U.S. citizen and

the alien; but not perceived as

fallen angels

The criminal and

the respectable;

one will drown in agony

The brown and

the white; pasted into this

collage of watercolor.

The undocumented immigrants crossing

the river.



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