While I ride my bike
The clothes I wear get wet
With the rain: the cry of an entire civilization,
Any attempt to get to work early
is useless. I want to find the joy in the domino effect,
It’s those little bits of error,
the ones that make me smile this summer.
There are not enough ways to achieve a perfect day,
to be able to be better.
Some days we are poets
Stranded on the edge of an office,
Some other days we are gazelles
Prowling around in nature.
And that’s how I will always be when I draw myself
Naked in a baroque desert when we are all
Thirsty for thirst and for lust.
I was strong enough as a fish against the current
Always swimming up
And I was not prey to the most hungry.
I was born on a day when the Mexican army is celebrated
And the tricolor flag moves like a serpent with the wind, but
My head and my heart resisted.
Who knew that my verses could go so far,
On my own? No, it was thanks to others.
To all this, there is a season of books that I had to read,
From the colonial and medieval times, but again
The fish swam up.


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