This is my friend who was set on fire,
A dear friend of mine who lost his mind.
The splash of water. The big splash.
I didn’t know what to do then,
When my friend was abandoned by his mother.
His mother, a ghost.
I had to help him, I had.
As if he were my own child, my own son.
His face, blurry—I’m sure it was him,
He wore a white cap
And he was beginning to forget everything.
I, at first didn’t know
what to do, nor where to go.
He did not react to what I’ve asked,
He ignored me as if I did not exist.
Flicker. The pills, lying on the carpet.
I realized that he needed them.
I took him to a place where they could take care of him,
But he kept falling from a bridge
to the river. Splash.
And when he fell every time. Splash,
He tried to cross the other side,
Fire came out of the water. Burned.


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