Part 1.
Let me guide you through the mystery of Benicio del Toro’s problematic and contradictory embodiment of a Sicario in México, which means hitman in English. In these frameworks, he is set along the border between Juárez-El Paso. His face displays no intention of looking at the camera, nor any inclination to empathize with Emily Blunt, a F.B.I agent. Notice in the last frame, Benicio is sitting in the back seat of one of the many hum-v’s heading south. His face: unshaven chin, pair of sunglasses. The window is closed, isolated, the reflection of the blue sky and a few clouds are seen mirrored in the window. As if the border also divided the sky, not a single sky for all. Benicio asks: Have you been to Juárez? Emily answers: We are going to El Paso, no? Then she says: You aren’t U.S. citizen, right? For whom do you work? Benicio replies: I go where they send me. Once the convoy’s tour of Juarez crosses the Bridge of the Americas, the town is represented as an inferno accompanied by Jóhann Johansson’s soundtrack.

film stills of “Sicario” by édgar ulloa, photo collage by laura blüer & édgar ulloa. Sound by édgar ulloa